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[edit] Introduction

FundCamp is an international initiative that seeks to implement an open format inspired from Seedcamp and YCombinator for organizing seed acceleration micro-funds. A FundCamp is a physical camp where a number of entrepreneurs who have been selected for their project (e.g. 20 projects) meet and spend a couple of intense days working with mentors to improve their business documents and presentations. At the end of the camp, the projects present to the group of investors who have committed to offer a fixed amount of funding for a given share in equity to a minimal number of projects (e.g. $50k or 50k € for 10% offered to at least 5 of the 20 selected projects).

Anyone that has identified a group of investors ready to invest according to these simple rules can organize a FundCamp. All the tools and the knowledge accumulated through the successive FundCamps will be shared and made available to improve the selection, development and investment process. The first goal is to get better prepared projects for more committed investors. We hope this could contribute to the efforts of improving the quality and return of entrepreneurship throughout the world.

[edit] Interesting links

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[edit] Presentation material

  • Investor Pitch: Presenting FundCamp to potential investors (PPT) - (PDF)

[edit] Platform

We want to offer a platform that could serve the process for any FundCamp. We are currently prototyping this platform using Drupal. We are specifying and designing the different aspects that this platform should have to support the physical process happening during the physical FundCamp. Everyone is most welcome participating the specification, design, implementation and of course test phases.

A prototype is continously under development

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