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[edit] Step 1: create the seed acceleration micro fund

Find a cohesive group of investors that can really add value to projects for a definite stage of development.

This is still conditional to accumulated experience, but structure fast with a committed team to fulfill executive role. Then open up to additional investors adding soft skills like network, functional knowledge (marketing, HR, legal,..) or industry knowledge.

[edit] Step 2: nail down the unique value of the micro fund

Sit-down with investors and write down what their "sweet-spot" exactly is (experience, value add, network, industries,..). Do not settle for something too large, too vague : This is what you will have to explain again and again.

When it is stable, create your communication material.

[edit] Step 3: find the micro fund natural partners

Find partners that will help you organize the FundCamp for the above sweet-spot (media relaying the word, logistics holding the event, agencies providing coaching,..)

[edit] To be continued

We are currently in the process of organizing FundCamp France 2008 and we will put what we learn on this wiki as we learn it.

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