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FundCamp is a community-driven initiative
with the aim to share replicable processes and open tools
for organizing seed acceleration contests (FundCamps).


[edit] What is a FundCamp?

  • Click on FundCamp to know what is exactly a FundCamp.

[edit] How to organize a FundCamp?

  • Organizing a FundCamp is based on a limited set of rules, for the rest: the sky is the limit.
  • Organizing a FundCamp gives a typical process for organizing a FundCamp in your target development stage /your geography / your area of interest.

[edit] Forums

  • You can post messages and texts on this wiki (no spam, thank you)
  • We have a Google group to interact in a traditional newsgroup way

[edit] Upcoming FundCamps

[edit] Considering organizing a FundCamp

Please put below your interest in organizing a possible FundCamp. We will see if the idea gathers interest and reaches critical mass for taking off.

  • FundCamp FinTech (aka FCFT) a FundCamp for projects in the banking and finance industry. Think all what has been happening there for the last couple of years (Zopa, Prosper, Kiva, Wesabe, Mint, Geezeo,...).
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